Chicago has a weekly Group Meditation & Knowledge Meeting open to all Vedic Meditators called
Meditation Social Club


Each Sunday at 3pm in Chicago, a Vedic Meditation initiator will facilitate a Vedic-themed discussion and a group meditation. Come hear the knowledge, ask questions, and meditate with us! Details below:


Meeting location studio

W. Estes Avenue, Chicago Il, 60626
Off the Red Line at Morse


RSVP to or 646.503.5461 for the exact address. Location is approximately 5 minutes walk from the train. Street parking is available. Please be prepared to remove your shoes when you enter. 
Entry is FREE.


All attendees must first complete the Transcendental or Vedic Meditation course. If you haven't yet learned to meditate, click here to get information on Vedic Meditation courses throughout Chicago and the midwest. No animals are allowed.

Weekly Group Meditation Facilitators


Chicago and Midwest Vedic Meditation teachers:



Jill Wener